Hungaromarket was founded in 1981 as one of the pioneer private concern in the end of the socialist era. The original aim was to bring the western industrial technologies closer to the Hungarian industry. Today we proudly and successfully represent several significant western companies. Furthermore according our policy, we domesticated the represented technologies in our plant too so we are able to demonstrate or product certain quality by the represented technologies.
We are open to cooperate with any developed industrial firms who are interested in the Hungarian market.




Our main partners:


SULZER METCO, Switzerland                         - Flame Spray materials and equipment

WOKA, Germany                                          - Tungsten Carbide powders and alloys

OSU, Germany                                             - Arc spraying equipment

ULTRASEAL, England                                    - Sealing materials

KÖCO, Germany                                           - Stud Welding equipment, Shear Connectors

GRAPHIT KROPFMÜHL AG, Germany               - Graphite particles, Graphite Lubricants



Scope of Business:


- Components repair by hard metal coatings

- Cathodic corrosion protection by zinc and aluminium spraying

- Applications of ceramic coatings

- Casting porosity by vacuum sealing

- Metal turning and grinding

- Equipment and materials storage and sales of our representations