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About us

Founded in 1981 as one of the first private companies, by our founder Mr János Walger, whos original idea was to introduce the latest industrial solutions to the Hungarian metal industry. In addition to representing foreign companies, we also have our own production capacity working with the materials and equipment of the companies we represent. Our main activity is thermal spraying (with Oerlikon Metco equipment), which is a great solution for corrosion protection and renew worn metalparts. Furthermore we represent the German company Köster & Co. in the field of stud welding, and Graphite Kropfmühl, also based in Germany, in the graphite and graphite lubricants sector as well as the UK based Ultraseal in the powder sealing and impregnation business. Most of our team has been working at Hungaromarket for several decades. We would like to greet our colleagues Zoltán Besenyi and Lajos Tóth, who have been strengthening our community in 2019 for 25 years. Last but not least, our corporate puppy Mia, our site guard and „love dispenser machine” also „works” faithfully. In 2019 we renewed our HQ. We are still waiting for our customers in new colors, with new dynamism, and with the old but constantly growing experience. We are a child and dog friendly company. The client can come to us, even if there is no one to leave their beloved children or pet.

Our main partners

Oerlikon Metco Europe GmbH
Flame Spray materials and equipment

Köster & Co. GmbH
Stud Welding equipment, Shear Connectors

Ultraseal International Group Limited
Sealing materials

Graphit Kropfmühl GmbH
Graphite particles, Graphite Lubricants