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With the pictures below, we would like to give you an idea of ​​what kind of parts could be refurbished for you, as well as an overview of the extraordinary versatility of this technology: from repair to production, from small pieces to huge ones, from carbon steel to metal oxides.

If you have an idea based on what you have seen but are unsure of the outcome, please contact us and we will help you with 30 years of experience on how to realize your idea.

Automotive Industry

Coating the engine block sleeves with a wear-resistant layer with a rotating plasma gun (in production)

Truck bearing housing renovation

Dimensioning of tractor crankshaft with molybdenum-steel alloy

Restoration of worn brake lever housing, sprayed with carbon steel, before machining

Shaft bearing housings sprayed with carbon steel before machining

Machining of Himba inner hole after spraying

Spraying of railway bicycle axle bearing housing before machining


Renovation of the inner surface of an air cylinder housing

Coating the working shafts of hydraulic mine supports with a wear-resistant, non-sparking layer

General areas

Sliding Bearing Places

In a high temperature furnace, coating of slats leading to glass tubes with zirconia

Cement bag filling nozzle with high wear resistance coating with hot molybdenum-nickel-boron alloy

Renovation of a large machine element bearing housing

Renovation of large bronze gear fitting

Casting bearing housing sprayed

Renovation of large split plain bearing with bearing metal

Coating of water-operated hydraulic shaft

Chamotte mold manufacturer's high wear pad

Renovation of connecting rod bronze bearings


Food industry

Coating the joints of scraper shafts with chromium oxide against abrasion of sandy water

Transmission stainless screw shaft bearing housings

Coating of a cellulose grinder with food grade aluminum

Coating of food production machine housing with aluminum, according to EU regulations

Refurbishment of stainless steel mixing shaft bearings

Metal coating for anything

Coating of a plastic computer case with zinc for shielding

Copper plating of graphite pantograph inserts (Test piece)

Power Plant Industry

Steam valve renovation

Steam valve renovation

Renovation of the turbine blade bearing site of a power plant with stainless steel

Ceramic coating on the guide location of a large bronze wear ring to increase wear resistance

Paper Industry

Renovation of paper mill drying rollers

Renovation of paper mill drying rollers

Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection of old-timer body with zinc

Protection of port hooks against salt vapor with aluminum

Wear and corrosion protection of heat exchanger with stainless steel

Corrosion protection of Tisza watertight gate with zinc

Corrosion protection of wrought iron grating with zinc