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Oerlikon Metco

Our company signed a representation contract in 1981 with METCO, then part of the Perkin Elmer Group. Over time, the company was bought out by the SULZER Group and merged under the name SULZER METCO with PLAZMATECHNIK, OSU, WOKA and other smaller companies already operating in the profile. Currently, the company, called OERLIKON METCO, is the world's largest producer of metal spraying materials and equipment. Its products range from simple wire and dust equipment, through electric arc, plasma, vacuum, automated, robot-mounted equipment to rotating plasma and HVOF developments. Its materials cover all sprayable metal, metal alloy, ceramic, metal-ceramic, metal-plastic, carbide combinations. The selection of brazing powders is also a separate category. You can find out more about OERLIKON METCO in the brochure below or visit We are at your disposal for any further questions with 38 years of theoretical and practical experience.