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Rubber Coatings

Industries which are use rubber-coated cylinders

  • Printing industry, Typography
  • Textile industry
  • Synthetic fibers manufacturing
  • Foil production
  • Packaging production
  • Transfer-rollers in every industry
  • Paper industry
  • Food industry
  • Wood industry
  • Variety of other areas, almost everywhere

The hardness of applied rubber

The hardness of the rubber can be defined in several ways. Our company is using the most common "Shorr" category. We can make coatings from the kind of soft 25 Shorr up to 100 Shorr.

Processing method of the rubber

The rubber cylinders are generally supplied with precision ground size. Sometimes there are demands for arched/curved, convex, or concave surfaces. We can also fulfill these different needs too.

The color of the rubber

Generally the color of the rubber is not required but in some cases, the technology also provides the color, which is mostly white or black.But we can provide other colors without any further even beyond the two basic colors, which can be red, green, blue, etc.

Resistance of the rubber

Common requirement is the chemical resistance coating, and most of the time we can make this coating, after given the aggressive agent. We can also fulfill the required quality of the food industry and food sector too.

Coating types

It happens often that some need special coating for the cylinders. Our company is ready to the application and processing of caoutchouc, silicone, neoprene, rilsan coatings.