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Stud Welding

Simple, fast, user friendly

  • It saves money and time
  • Increases productivity
  • It promotes competitiveness

Pointed pin. Threaded pin. Threadless tap. Head tap.
Stud welding equipment. Stud welding gun.

Economical fastener fastening is part of many industries.

Stud welding procedures:

Drawn arc stud welding (Click for animation!)
Capacitor, peak ignition stud welding (Click for animation!)
Stud welding (head stud) with ceramic ring (Click for animation!)
Stud welding with shielding gas (Click for animation!)

Available benefits:

  • You can achieve significant cost savings on your products by being able to weld fasteners immediately with electronically controlled quality bonding.
  • Weldable studs, nuts, pins, etc. with a diameter of 3-25 mm.
  • No deformation due to low heat input.
  • Hollow parts retain their closure.
  • The part should only be accessible from one side.
  • KÖCO stud welding systems and welding taps meet the highest requirements.

KÖCO stud welding replaces the usual, costly procedures, such as: pre-punching, drilling, threading, bolted fasteners, gluing, welded fasteners, etc.

Eljárás Csapátmérő Minimális lemezvastagság
Kerámiagyűrűs csaphegesztés 3-25 mm csapátmérő 1/4-e
Védőgázas csaphegesztés 3-12 mm csapátmérő 1/4-e
Rövid ciklusú csaphegesztés 10 mm-ig csapátmérő 1/8-a
Kondenzátoros csaphegesztés 2-10 mm (M3-M10) Alumínium 6 mm-ig! csapátmérő 1/10-e


Variants of the process: stud welding with ceramic ring, shielded gas stud welding, short cycle stud welding.

Using the drawn arc stud welding method, it is advisable to weld studs made of non-alloy, alloyed, stainless and heat-resistant steel with a diameter of 3-25 mm.


The high reliability of the universal process is due to the deep penetration and precisely calibrated welding.

Modell Hegeszthető csapátmérő tartomány Ø mm
Húzott ívű hegesztéshez
700 i Inverter 2-11 mm (M12)
1300i Inverter 2-16 mm
602 E 3-11 mm (M12)
902 E 3-12 mm (M14)
1500E 3-16 mm
2000 E/3000 E 3-22 mm/6-25 mm
1203E 3-16 mm
1603 E 3-19 mm
1603 E-1 V 3-22 mm
2603 E 6-25 mm
Kondenzátoros Csaphegesztés 2-8 mm (M3-M8)


It can be used mainly for thin metal sheets up to a sheet thickness of 0.5 mm. Welding is possible without marking or deforming the opposite side, even if it is polished, coated or galvanized.
This method is preferably used for welding pins made of non-alloy and stainless steel as well as aluminum with a diameter of 2-10 mm.